11 May, 2013

Out of Comfort Zone


Alhamdullilah 13th general election has just finished last week (5th May 2013).

I have went through this 2 months with a pack schedule which sometimes i feel like giving up to struggle on the things that very tough to me.

So now i'm free for doing and looking back on the things that i need to be focused.

1. I am looking for another job, something that i think i can out from the comfort zone
2. To finish all assignments that has been given by lecturers
3. To work out - such as jogging and swimming
4. To qada' my fasting and
fasting...fasting...fasting coz Ramadan is just near...if i'm not mistaken maybe on 9th July.

I listed these all in my diary which i need to take fast action now...people said that fast action, fast result, so trying my best... this is because i have a mission in my life, i hate to stay in the same situation for long time... i love challanges...so may Allah make it easy for me...amin Ya Rabbal Alamin...